A cookbook by Oprah Winfrey that chronicles her life story with food, featuring her favorite recipes from her favorite chefs.

Oprah Winfrey’s struggles with weight loss have been well documented in the tabloids for decades. In 2016, she enlisted Melcher Media’s help to finally share her story with food in her own words—in a cookbook that would be the first from her new imprint at Macmillan. Food, Health, and Happiness is a collection of Winfrey’s favorite recipes from the chefs who have cooked for her over the years—accompanied by autobiographical essays and handwritten notes from Winfrey herself. Because Weight Watchers has played such a significant role in Winfrey’s story, each recipe also includes a Weight Watchers SmartPoints value. This definitely isn’t a diet book, though. Winfrey shares a fried chicken recipe that she’ll save up her points all day to eat and a shortbread recipe she once served to the Obamas, alongside healthy soups that will nourish your soul and salads that make eating greens a joy, not a chore.

The recipes appear next to stunning food photography by Tina Rupp, original photographs by the renowned Ruven Afanador, and images from Winfrey’s own personal photo albums. Melcher Media also brought on Trina Bentley from Make and Matter to design a book that felt like it had been owned by Winfrey for many years, forgoing the traditional cookbook template for a lush, layered aesthetic.

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