In 2007, Jessica Seinfeld had landed a book deal with HarperCollins Publishers for an upbeat cookbook aimed at parents who wanted to make healthy, delicious meals for their children. Seinfeld approached Melcher Media to join her custom team in creating the book in collaboration with HarperCollins.

After discussing in detail the overall style and goals for the project, Melcher Media engaged Paul Kepple of Headcase Design, food photographer Lisa Hubbard, and illustrator Steve Vance to join the Deceptively Delicious team. The outcome was a beautifully illustrated, spiral-bound cookbook with a 1950s vintage flair. The mouthwatering recipes, stealthily packed with unseen veggies, are hassle-free and sure to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters—and the book itself is easy to use for even the busiest families.

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