Noah and Rae Bernamoff opened the doors to their Brooklyn restaurant, Mile End, in January 2010 and quickly rose to the top of food critics’ lists with their delicious menu of Jewish comfort food. Melcher Media felt they were a perfect fit for a cookbook and reached out to the pair in early 2012. The duo was looking to “spread the gospel of good deli” and signed on to the project along with our publishing partner, Clarkson Potter. There was no doubt that the recipes the Bernamoffs had were delicious. But how could we photograph and style deli staples like pastrami, whitefish, and even schmaltz as beautifully as the finest gourmet dishes?

Melcher Media put together food stylists, photographers, and illustrators to turn Mile End’s modern takes on traditional Jewish family recipes—like knishes, borscht, and matzoh ball soup—into works of art. The Mile End Cookbook helps readers explore “Do-It-Yourself Delicatessen” (meaning curing and smoking meats at home) while providing them delicious but doable recipes for high-end dishes like pan-seared trout and golden beet salad, all supplemented with stunning photography. Naturally, desserts like Hamentashen and cheesecake look delicious, but never has a salami looked so gorgeous.

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