Based on Al Gore’s iconic film on the topic of climate change, An Inconvenient Truth (Rodale Books) brings together an array of cutting-edge research from world-renowned scientists; harrowing photographs of the effects of global warming; insightful charts and illustrations; and personal anecdotes and observations about the spread of global warming. Produced by Melcher Media in 2006, the book is a passionate call-to-action about arguably the most pressing issue of our time. 
Gore and Melcher Media then followed up the success of An Inconvenient Truth with An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power (Rodale Books), a bold sequel that details the disastrous consequences of climate change and the steps that must be taken now. This far-reaching account connects the dots between the Earth’s changing climate, rising ocean temperatures, political unrest, and widespread poverty and disease, while also offering concrete steps that readers can take in the fight against climate change. 
Made with Forest Stewardship Council–certified paper and soft-touch covers, both books are a powerful reminder of the importance of working together to build a more sustainable future. 
An Inconvenient Truth: Available on Amazon

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power: Available on Amazon