International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. isn’t well known among the noses and taste buds it touches every day. But though IFF never interfaces directly with the public, its innovative, groundbreaking products surround us daily in products like soap, detergent, beverages, and food. And one of this leading flavor-and-fragrances company’s main corporate values is its commitment to sustainability. So when IFF approached Melcher Media to create the company’s annual sustainability report, we seized the unique opportunity to tell the brand’s story to the world.

One look at the finished product, and you’ll see that it isn’t an average sustainability report. Stunning new photography from around the world, a bold design, and engaging infographics come together to highlight IFF’s commitment to sustainability and reliable sourcing and show how its values align with its business practices. The book is composed of 100 percent FSC-certified material and 100 percent recycled paper. The first report was named a Finalist in Creativity in Communications, Best Report, and Disclosure & Materiality for the Corporate Register Reporting Awards, and it won First Place, Business Book, at the New York Book Awards.


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