Last year, Melcher Media was thrilled to partner with Amazon to produce an exclusive Mrs. Maisel-branded Haggadah for Passover. It was a one-of-a-kind content marketing piece that has now become a collector’s item, and was recently featured in the New York Times. When Maisel received 20 Emmy nominations, Amazon returned to us again for help bringing a special campaign to life: “Maisel Day.” For one day only, fans of the show were treated to special 1959 pricing at some of Los Angeles’s most iconic establishments. We were asked to create a special map to plot all of the participating locations. Inspired by illustrated city maps of the time period, we collaborated with illustrator Lydia Nichols to create retro “Maisel pink” icons for each of the 28 featured businesses, as well as a legend divided into helpful categories (“Stylish!”, “Delicious!”, “Fun”!) for easy wayfinding. The resulting three-page gatefold ran in a special edition of Variety targeting Emmy voters, and the promotion was covered widely in the press, with features appearing in the Los Angeles Times, Food & Wine, and Travel+Leisure, among others. Fans couldn’t get enough either—hordes of shoppers lined up across town for the chance to enjoy 59-cent hot dogs, 30-cent gas, and 3-dollar haircuts.