As the nation’s largest philanthropy dedicated solely to health, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has been working for more than 45 years to improve health and well-being for all in the United States. So we were honored when they approached us to produce a collection of short stories that would explore the idea of a Culture of Health, where everyone in the country has a fair and just opportunity to pursue as healthy a life as possible. The result is Take Us to a Better Place, ten stories by a diverse group of talented literary voices addressing topics of the authors’ own choosing—from climate change, immigration and cultural assimilation, and PTSD to social media, drug addiction, and human surveillance. Each of these stories uses the power of fiction to spark new ways of thinking about what a healthy future might hold—and how we might get there.

Contributors to the collection include award-winning and best-selling authors Madeline Ashby, Hannah Lillith Assadi, Calvin Baker, Frank Bill, Yoon Ha Lee, Karen Lord, Mike McClelland, Achy Obejas, David A. Robertson, and Martha Wells. Best-selling author Roxane Gay writes the book’s foreword, and Pulitzer Prize–winning New York Times health reporter Pam Belluck contributes an introduction. 

This free ebook is available in English and Spanish via Amazon, and as a forthcoming audiobook.