Social media has transformed how we consume content, and it has changed television viewing from a solitary experience into a shared one. New communities are growing online as people watch and talk about the same thing at the same time—a development that has shifted the roles of both the audience and the content creator. This uncertain terrain presents exciting opportunities, but it also raises new questions. Future of StoryTelling invited MIT professor Kevin Slavin and Everybody at Once cofounder Kenyatta Cheese to speak at the 2013 FoST summit about what happens now that “the audience has an audience.”

 Melcher Media worked with Slavin and Cheese to consolidate their big ideas into a six-minute film. We also challenged ourselves to bring online communities to life visually so the film would be infused with the same cheerful energy found in the fanbases themselves. Our team achieved this through a mixture of community member interviews, flashy animations, and clever editing, and the final film served as inspiration for the duo’s roundtable discussions at the summit.



IMG_9299  Perlmutter-Brightened  Artistic