Dr. Paul Zak’s groundbreaking neuroeconomics research investigates the powerful impact storytelling can have on the human brain. His studies prove that hearing a good story alters our brain chemistry, and this process can have a subsequent effect on our decision-making after the story is over. His insights are fascinating—not just for professional storytellers but for anyone interested in the behavior of the mind.

Melcher Media produced a short film with Dr. Zak to spread his findings beyond academic circles. In order for the film to be successful, it had to adhere to the lessons of his research and feature a compelling narrative. We illustrated Dr. Zak’s studies through a simple yet touching animation about a terminally ill child named Ben and his father. The resulting film became a viral hit and is Future of StoryTelling’s most viewed video. It also served as the inspiration for Dr. Zak’s speaker roundtable discussions at the FoST summit in 2012.


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