The Metropolitan Revolution authors Bruce Katz and Jennifer Bradley know that the lone genius innovating in his garage is a myth: Entrepreneurs need well-established metropolitan ecosystems to succeed. The pair’s vision for economic progress values the universities and research centers that support innovation as well as the clusters of skilled workers who dwell in cities and help businesses prosper. In order to spread this message, Katz and Bradley asked Melcher Media to create a short, shareable animation that would bring their policy-driven research to life and resonate with a broader audience.

 Our team first worked with the authors to refine their ideas into a concise, snappy script that clearly communicated their message and offered visual opportunities for animation. We then found an animation style that suited the material and worked with the artist to enrich the story while staying true to Katz and Bradley’s themes. The fast-paced, dynamic, forty-five-second animation is featured in the Metropolitan Revolution app and website.