Though he works at the Google Creative Lab, Robert Wong never imagined he would be influencing the future of scientific development. And yet he does just that, breaking down the boundary between art and science by creating stories that inspire engineers and the technology they build.

When Wong was selected as a speaker for 2013’s Future of StoryTelling summit, he decided to make something that would motivate other storytellers to follow his lead and participate in scientific innovation. Melcher Media produced the resulting film, which is a charming, stop-motion ode to “the fiction of the science.” Our team researched momentous examples of art influencing technology—from Star Trek’s impact on the cell phone to Iron Man’s impression on Elon Musk—and illustrated them in an animation style that blends digital effects with the handmade. The film is an inspirational tribute to creative ingenuity and served as the starting point for Wong’s roundtable discussions at that year’s FoST Summit.



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