“There were a lot of firsts, one after another: first time leaving Oklahoma for Nashville, first time hearing one of our songs on the radio, first time hitting number one. We won’t ever get to go through all those firsts again,” says Garth Brooks of his book, Garth Brooks: The Anthology Part 1 The First Five Years, “but this book is my chance to get together with the people who shared the experiences and together remember how it all went down. This book gathers what comes to our minds when we think of the first five years and the songs that came to life during that time.”

The first in an anthology of five books, Garth Brooks: The First Five Years is a detailed compilation of Brooks’s rare personal photos and anecdotes and insider stories from Brooks and his early collaborators. The book also comes with five CDs of music––sleekly packaged inside the front cover––from the first five years of Brooks’s musical career, including demos, mastered hits, and day-writes, many of which have never been heard before. Printed on uncoated paper and featuring handwritten titles to give it an authentic feel, Garth Brooks: The First Five Years is a must-have item for any country music fan. 

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