The band OK Go’s self-made music videos are a viral phenomenon, with more than 150 million online views. The band also represents a new business model for creatives: big brands have recognized the videos’ success and lined up to sponsor them. Melcher Media collaborated with front man and Future of StoryTelling speaker Damian Kulash to produce a short film that details how OK Go has jettisoned major-label support and enlisted corporate sponsorship to get its stories told in precisely the way the band wants to tell them.

OK Go’s music videos are imbued with a whimsical, handmade quality, and we infused our film with the same lively ethos. We worked with Kulash to define tangible lessons based on OK Go’s accomplishments and help demystify the process of how a video can go viral. The final product is a paean to entrepreneurial creativity and served as the inspiration for Kulash’s roundtable discussions at FoST 2012.



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