For Charles Melcher, a publisher who had spent his entire professional life in the book industry, 2008 was a year of reflection. Book sales had been declining for years, and the financial crisis only served to exacerbate the downward trend. While he knew that storytelling would remain important as ever, he also sensed that the digital age would radically change the way we told them. Together with a talented group of software designers and engineers, Melcher founded Push Pop Press as a platform for publishing interactive titles that blurred the lines between book and app. When Push Pop’s first project, Al Gore’s Our Choice, won the 2012 Apple Design Award, it reaffirmed Melcher’s commitment to producing high-quality narratives in the digital age.

It was around this time that Melcher established the Future of StoryTelling summit, which brings together, by invitation only, 500 of the most distinguished leaders and practitioners from the business, creative, and technology communities to explore how technology is revolutionizing the way stories are told. Unlike a traditional conference, FoST features intimate, speaker-led roundtables; immersive, hands-on workshops; exclusive studio tours; interactive exhibitions; and world-class food and entertainment. FoST has expanded to include an online community of nearly a million people, and it hosts events throughout the year to encourage conversation and collaboration among those who embrace storytelling in the digital age.


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