In 2014, Ubisoft approached Melcher Media to create a book for their new game, Tom Clancy’s The Division. The result is New York Collapse (Chronicle Books), an illustrated guide to how to survive a disaster-struck New York City. But someone owned this book before you: April Kelleher, whose handwritten account fills the book’s margins. Alongside her, you discover clues and puzzles embedded in the text. Answering them unspools the mystery of what happened and why, and April soon adds her own secrets in the book, many of them spread across seven removable artifacts, ranging from a transit card to a full-city map.

Melcher Media built a world-class team and developed the project from concept through writing, puzzle design, consultation with government disaster experts, illustration, handwriting, and a meticulous layout and design to create a book that looks like it’s been through a disaster. Ubisoft was so impressed, they wrote April into the game, collaborated on easter eggs that tie the game and book together, and made New York Collapse a key element of their overall marketing campaign.


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