How could Monty Python celebrate and add value to the Blu-ray release of Monty Python & The Holy Grail? With something completely different, of course—an unprecedented and totally new look at the cult-classic film.

Working with Monty Python’s production team—and some of the Pythons themselves—Melcher Media crafted an iOS app with one foot in the Dark Ages and one in the 21st century. Our goal was to re-create all twenty-eight shooting days of The Holy Grail, along the way unearthing behind-the-scenes stories and outtakes, and to offer the film’s millions of fans access to scripts, songs, rehearsals, stills, and many more never-before-seen pieces of Python history. Every page of The Holy Book of Days is packed with funny stuff, from Michael Palin’s day-by-day diary of the filming to Terry Gilliam’s storyboards to the original continuity sheets covering every shot to 360-degree views of the movie’s props. We packaged all of this in a spot-on re-creation of a medieval Book of Days—that is, if a Book of Days were full of videos and ran on an iPad. The app also provides a second-screen companion to the Blu-ray: with iPad and Blu-ray player synced via WiFi, the app becomes a remote control, so viewers can see the exact scenes talked about in The Holy Book of Days. It’s an entirely new way of watching the film—a deft trick, three decades after its original release. The Holy Book of Days was featured on the iOS App Store, named an App of the Day by Gizmodo, and was an App Store best-seller for several weeks.

Available on the App Store.


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