In November 2015, Facebook approached Melcher Media to help create original content for the official “Earth” page on Facebook. The goal for the page was to engage and inspire Facebook’s global audience of 1.5 billion to join the movement and conversation on climate change. The impetus for the campaign was COP21, where world leaders gathered to discuss this pertinent global mission in December 2015 in Paris. Facebook members were encouraged to show their support for the planet by liking the page, sharing its content with their friends, and using the hashtag #LoveEarth on all of their social media posts.

Melcher Media produced a variety of content for the page, including a short film on renowned climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe; informative animations; inspiring photos and quotations, and a custom overlay that Facebook users could apply to their profile photos to show their support for the #LoveEarth cause. To date, the Earth page has upwards of half a million followers and continues to unite users around this important cause.



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