Future of StoryTelling speaker Aaron Koblin’s imaginative Internet projects, including “The Johnny Cash Project” and “The Wilderness Downtown,” have consistently expanded the possibilities of digital art. Koblin produces strikingly beautiful and technically audacious crowdsourcing experiments. When Melcher Media began work on a profile film on Koblin for the 2012 FoST summit, we challenged ourselves to make something that properly captured how innovative and groundbreaking his work is.

Our approach was to make a film that is a dreamscape unto itself—a glitchy, trippy, animated tribute to his art. We used the depth data of a Kinect camera to deconstruct Koblin’s video interview into 3-D geometry, and then we animated on top of it. The result is imagery that looks distinctly digital but not quite like anything else the viewer has ever seen—an experience familiar to anyone who is a fan of Koblin’s work. The six-minute film focuses on Koblin’s insights into the future of digital storytelling and served as the inspiration for his roundtable discussions at FoST 2012.


IMG_9299    Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 4.41.54 PM  Perlmutter-Brightened