Knowing Melcher Media’s track record for creating of-the-moment books in record time, CNN Politics approached us to produce their first-ever book: a comprehensive account of the 2016 US Presidential campaign. They already knew that no matter the outcome, the American public was in for an “unprecedented” campaign cycle. We worked closely with a group of reporters, writers, and photojournalists at CNN, separate from their main teams, to create a book with new insights that could only be revealed after the election. And we broke all the rules of publishing to get the book out less than a month after the election—truly making it the first draft of history. Featuring CNN’s most in-depth, behind-the-scenes reporting and photography, Unprecedented: The Election That Changed Everything traces the course of the candidates’ campaigns, beginning with the raucous and charged primaries, and ending with Donald Trump’s surprise victory. Top CNN writer Thomas Lake weaves a gripping narrative that shows the election for what it was: a no-holds-barred battle across two different Americas. Bolstered by a foreword from CNN’s chief Washington correspondent, Jake Tapper, an introduction from historian Douglas Brinkley, exclusive photos, and commentary and stories from some of CNN’s greatest contributors—from reporter Carl Bernstein and correspondent Brian Stelter to Pulitzer Prize–winning photographer David Hume Kennerly—Unprecedented reveals new insight and emotion while telling a story that will change America forever.


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